Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's in a month?

I was afraid this would happen. I'd get a little behind, not know how to catch up, do nothing and get even further behind. I've consoled myself by remembering there aren't "blog police" that will throw me in jail for not posting in a month. Right?
So, I'm going try and briefly catch up on the last month's happening without putting too many of you asleep (if there are any of you anymore, that is, lol!).
1. Connor's birthday. My baby is twelve. Hard to believe! Out of primary, into the YM's program. And he couldn't be more thrilled! He had a party with his friends, then a party with his cousins (who gave him their old trampoline as a bday gift!) - he was definitely birthday'd!
2. My friend Ann's visit. We had so much fun together! Teresa, her and I went to lunch, shopped and visited. Then Ann and I shopped some more, saw a movie, visited some more. I love Ann - wish she lived closer. I'm just grateful that she's been able to visit out here a few times. If you want more details about our visit and/or want to see some cough*interesting*cough pictures of her and I in our crazy Rick's College years, check out her blog here. You'll be impressed, I'm sure.
3. Isaac & Homecoming. He went with his friend, Cecelie (yikes, don't know how to spell her name) and had so much fun. He looked quite sharp too!
4. Alexandra turned 15! Whoa. That means sixteen is right around the corner. . .
5. Mike's trip to Australia. He is in the middle of two and a half weeks in Eastern Australia for work. They had to stay in a beach house which sounds beautiful, but he's also fighting off ticks as they are also kinda in the middle of nowhere where he's working. Last night he told me he may have to go to Israel next month . . .

So, there you have the major events happening in our life. Here are a few smaller ones:
*I've discovered once and for all that I'm not a gym person. I begrudgingly signed up for a membership at Fitness Works this last summer and am now hoping I can just sign it over to Mike (who will actually use it). I'm much happier working out at home. Love just using my ipod and treadmill.
*Took my kids to see Eagle Eye. Fun, intense movie - watch out for a little language issues though.
*Went with my sister to see Secret Life of Bees. Wonderful movie! Loved the book, had to see the movie and it didn't disappoint. Can't wait to see it again. (And Mike thanks me for going with my sister instead of dragging him!)
*I'm a little burnt out on scrapbooking. I know. Hard to believe I said it, but I am. Right now I'm free of assignments (for a few days) and I just have no desire to just do my own thing. I'll post a few of my most recent pages.
*Isaac's looking for a job. He has a couple of prospects right now, so we're just waiting. He has a light year as far as homework goes so it's time and he's ready. We'd really like to see him put away enough to contribute to his mission. Cross your fingers for him!

My good friend Lisa tagged me like a million years ago. I will play along, I promise. Later though, as I think this post has probably got the "blog police" on alert for being way too long!