Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did I goof?

I may have goofed in posting my cookie recipe so early on in my blog's life . . . It's one of only a few tried and true recipes I have to offer!

It's Labor Day weekend. The kids are enjoying the laid back three-day weekend. It's kind of a treat with school starting so early in August here. And guess what - I have yet to take back-to-school pictures. *gasp* I know. But the kids each leave at different times of the day and I just forget or am not alert enough that early to remember to catch a picture. I will soon. We'll have to call them "going to school" pictures instead since it's not a new thing anymore!

Here's a few fun pictures from our Europe trip. The first one is from Paris. Yeah, we ate at a fast food restaurant in Paris. But it wasn't McDonalds, so you can't get after us too much. Getting soda *with any amount of ice* is a trick in Europe, so we enjoyed it every chance we got. No free refills, and just about three cubes of ice if you're lucky, but usually none.

Next is a little town in Germany called Rothenburg. It's such a cool town to visit - Mike and I spent a day there when we went seven years ago and we were anxious to take the kids to see it too. Very German-esque and just full of charm. This house the kids are standing in front of is obviously well-photographed - if you scroll down the link I included you'll see a similar picture!

The last picture is of the kids in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Take a look at their faces. It was raining a little bit and nobody was too excited about getting out of the car for a picture, but I insisted. I was taking the picture so I didn't see what kind of song and dance Mike was pulling to get a reaction out the kids. Since Alexandra is looking disgusted and Isaac and Connor are laughing, you can only imagine . . .

Happy Labor Day everyone!


Ann said...

I love that castle. Someday I really want to see that in person. I love looking at your pictures. What fun! Kaden has another meet tomorrow. I won't be going. . . but hopefully he will do well.

mpal said...

Love your blog - Your trip looks so fun and amazing! Your cookies look really yummy also! Can't wait to try it out!