Thursday, September 18, 2008

A layout & a plea for help!

I just finished up class #3 this morning for the online Got Sketch class I'm taking. This is sketch #3 and #6 got posted this morning, so I'm a little behind! I had fun with this one though - I used a kit from the kit club, Scarlet Lime (love this club - it's the only one I actually purchase) and it came together nicely.
About the pictures (sorry, this is going to be long): I knew Teresa &- hehehe). I knew them through my roommate and bestest friend, Ann. So, imagine my surprise when Steve & Teresa moved into the neighborhood several years ago. Ann is jealous, of course, but she's more than welcome to join us here anytime she can! In fact she came with her husband Phil to a conference last February and we got to all meet for dinner. Mike was there too - he's the one behind the camera! I also got to spend the next day with her - we shopped, ate, and just had fun catching up. Ann's one of the easiest people to be friends with, I've always loved that about her! We had a wonderful time together - it was almost like we were 18 again! (yikes)
Here's where I need some help. Ann's coming to visit again next week - just her. She has a family wedding on Saturday, but we'll have a good couple of days to just play! I need some ideas of fun things to do around the Valley. So, Arizona friends - help me out! Give me some suggestions on fun things we could do - she lives in Minnesota, so anything that highlights our warm weather would be welcome. Any good shows anywhere? Any events? Cool day trips we could take? All suggestions will be appreciated! :)


Hartman's said...

Okay, this has to be my most favorite scrapbooking page that you've made so far...ha ha. (You really did do a nice job.) And good idea getting ideas --- I never know what to do in this heat with company...does she like baseball...there's always the D-Backs (that's where we're taking Steve's parents tonight). Let me know what I'm included in - can't wait to see Ann again. We'll talk soon.

mere said...

YOu could take her to AZ mills or to scottsdale or santan mall. you guys could always drive up to Sedona for the day and shop up there.....

Good luck, if I think of anymore I'll let you know!
Cute page!!

Ann said...

Love it! You always do such a great job and it helps when you have wonderful subjects. . . like us! I'm getting way excited to come visit. . I can't wait. Don't feel too much pressure about finding something fun to do. . . I'm pretty easy. Who would have thought when we first met 21 years ago (holy cow!) that would we still be "bestest" friends! I love the fact that we are.
And Teresa . . . you are more than welcome to join the party anytime!